Pattern (PCRE)ReportScore
You have reached your pull rate limit\050
pull access denied for ocaml/opamOld Dockerfile. Hint: rebase on master50
unable to evaluate symlinks in Dockerfile path: lstat /.*/Dockerfile: no such file or directoryNo Dockerfile. Hint: rebase on master50
([^ ]+) -> \(problem\)Solve failed (\1)40
([^ ]+): curl error codecurl error for \140
net/http: TLS handshake timeoutDocker Hub: \040
received unexpected HTTP status: .*\040
Error: (.+)\130
net/http: .*Hub: \030

In patterns, use () for match groups, ?+* to match zero-or-one times, one-or-more times, or zero-or-more times, and [\n] to match newlines.

CSV files use the header pattern,report,score.

New rules with existing pattern override previous definition.